The Poland-based Vibe Quartet and Mario Rafael Trio from Hungary are the next two bands that took part in auditions for the Jazz Juniors International Exchange competition. The premiere showcase included artists from Poland, Germany, and Russia, whereas the festival Harris Piano Jazz Bar hosted the premiere of Mateusz Smoczyński’s album “Metamorphoses”.

The second day of Jazz Juniors International Exchange was marked by further auditions for young jazz bands that had entered the competition. The first band to appear on stage was the Polish Vibe Quartet. Right afterwards, the audience could listen to pieces prepared by Hungarians – Mario Rafael Trio.

The first, historic showcase, organised as part of the Jazz Juniors International Exchange project, opened with Kamil Piotrowicz’s sextet. Some time later, Zet Pe Te club resounded to the music of the Russian combo LRK Trio – a leading representatives of local improvised music environment. Next, we could listen to no rookies, but professional musicians from Mateusz Pałka’s trio, 2nd prize winners in the 40. edition of Jazz Juniors. The fourth and last performer that day was the Berlin-based international collective Sun Dew.

Late in the evening, Harris Piano Jazz Bar hosted yet another album premiere of this year’s edition of ‘Jazz Juniors’. The extraordinary Polish jazz violinist Mateusz Smoczyński – 2nd prize winner in Zbigniew Seifert International Jazz Violin Competition – presented material from his latest album “Metamorphoses”.