Three more, very different bands presented themselves on the second night of Jazz Juniors festival’s showcase stage. This time, they were finalists of earlier Jazz Juniors editions, Marcin Pater Trio and Stanisław Słowiński with his quintet, as well as a new band: Seti Setters / Dąbrowski, Fortuna, Małodobry, Płużek.

The night at Mile Stone Jazz Club was opened by the trio of vibraphonist Marcin Pater, also featuring double bass and bass guitar player Mateusz Szewczyk and drummer Adam Wajdzik. The trio had won the Grand Prix of the 2018 Jazz Juniors, which resulted, among others, in their debut album being released by Italian label Emme Record. Their showcase performance combined atmospheric vibraphone and rhythm section sound with lively and beautiful melodies composed by the band’s leader. Next to perform in front of the international group of guests was the quintet of violinist Stanisław Słowiński, main prize winners at the 2015 Jazz Juniors, consisting, apart from its leader, of pianist Franciszek Raczkowski, trumpeter Zbigniew Szwajdych, bassist Justyn Małodobry, and drummer Dawid Fortuna. Their concert combined virtuosity, excellent dramatic structure and suspension, with the leader’s brilliant music, well suited to group improvisation. The night ended with a performance by Seti Setters, a new group comprising Dawid Dąbrowski (modular synthesiser), Kuba Płużek (piano), Justyn Małodobry (double bass), and Dawid Fortuna (drums). The acoustic sounds fused nearly organically with those generated by the synthesiser. The musicians created an involving, intriguing narration, different from the other festival performances so far.