Young musicians from Brazil, USA, Israel, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Norway, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, Netherlands and Poland – to the contest and the showcase of upcoming edition of Jazz Juniors International Exchange  signed up a record number of candidates. Who will perform in the final in Kraków?

For 40 years of its existance, Jazz Juniors competition enjoyed the high interest of the adepts and the particular recognition of the prominent personalities of improvised music community. It’s difficult to imagine the shape of the present Polish jazz scene without this especially integrating and bringing an international notoriety event. Since there have been changes in the structure of Jazz Juniors Festival, consiting of a creation the showcase formula, it was observed a record of the applications. Among the candidates to the contest, the Organiser enumerates 32 bands from the following countries: Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden and Hungary. In turn, for the opportunity of achieve the showcase struggled 46 bands from three continents, musicians from: USA, Brazil, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Russia, Israel, Holland, Belgium and Norway.

According to the decision of the international jury –  Dave Douglas, Lars Danielsson, Jordi Pujol Baulenas i Rafał Sarnecki, to the contest has been accepted following bands:

Jan Kantner Quartet (Poland)

Organic Noises (Poland)

Judyta Pisarczyk Ensemble (Poland)

Quantum Trio (Poland)

Mario Rafael Trio (Hungary)

Giulia Facco 5tet (Italy)

The bands accepted to the showcase of Jazz Juniors International Exchange will be annouced after the 3rd of November.