The second day of Jazz Juniors 2021 Festival concerts focused on the music of US trumpet virtuoso Peter Evans, who appeared in Cracow’s Cricoteka in two roles, first with a solo concert, later – playing together with Polish artists of the young generation: Wojciech Lichtański, Kajetan Borowski, Piotr Narajowski, and Piotr Budniak.

Residing in New York, Evans is considered as one of the world’s most creative jazz musicians. He can achieve incredible feats on his trumpet, producing all kinds of sound colours, forms, and effects. His masterful trumpet games involve innovative techniques, overcoming of stereotypes and limitations in improvisation on this instrument. His more-than-an-hour-long solo performance proved that all this is reality, not just words. The artist did not say anything but played with only such breaks as are necessary to take a breath. It was a time of maximum intensity, for him, but also for the audience, which had an opportunity to hear the trumpet in its radically new incarnation, combining avant-garde with unrestrained improvisation, surprisingly fresh and unconventional.

For the second part of the evening concert, Peter Evans was joined by talented young Polish musicians: saxophonist Wojciech Lichtański, pianist Kajetan Borowski, bassist Piotr Narajowski, and drummer Piotr Budniak, who performed the trumpeter’s own compositions. Evans now played with them, now listened to his younger colleagues’ presentations from aside. The inspiring music and unconventional sound, as well as the musicians’ perfect teamwork, resulted in a kind of experiment which left not only Evans himself, but also the audience very much satisfied.