Another group of artists and bands performed at the Mile Stone Jazz Club on the last day of the Jazz Juniors 2021 showcase presentations. This time, the Festival guests could listen to Ziółek Kwartet, Bartosz Dworak performing solo, and Paweł Mańka Semiotic Quintet.

The last night at the club opened with a performance by the Jazz Juniors 2020 Grand Prix winners: the quartet led by pianist Grzegorz Ziółek,. The line-up consisted, apart from the leader, of trumpeter Marcin Elszkowski, bassist Piotr Narajowski, and drummer Miłosz Berdzik. The piano’s lead part alternated with those of the trumpet and the band’s collective improvisations. Ziółek’s compositions betray not only his love of jazz, but also classical (especially contemporary and avant-garde) music inspirations. Next to perform was violinist Bartosz Dworak in his solo project titled Singularity Point. The musician brought onto the stage, apart from his electric violin, a table filled with devices and cables, which he used to generate various sounds and beats. His experiment focused on trance-like drive and a search for interesting types of sound. The showcase ended with a concert by guitarist Paweł Mańka’s Semiotic Quintet. The leader invited Robert Wypasek (tenor sax), Franciszek Raczkowski (piano), Piotr Narajowski (double bass), and Stefan Raczkowski (drums) to play Mańka’s own compositions, which left much freedom and space for self-presentation to each of the musicians. This line-up of five individualities provided a strong accent at the close of Jazz Juniors 2021 Festival.